JULY 2016
Another few months have passed, we've had one of the best lambings ever and are now busy with vegetables and Richard's topping grass every night. We have another new four-legged friend here on the farm...welcome Flossie! With the two oldies well and truly retired, we decided to get another pup to help Misty when she needs a rest during the busy periods. She's already taking an interest in the sheep, and we've decided she only has 2 speeds; manic and asleep! She loves catching pond snails and terrorising Misty.

It's been a while since we've added anything to our site...apologies for that! We're getting ready for Christmas again now, with the turkeys growing plump and the order books opening. As always, we'd advise you to place orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Give us a call on 01507 523934 and we'll make sure you order is placed.
Our sheepdog Mist (Misty Moo as she's affectionately known!) is coming on leaps and bounds. She's a fantastic sheepdog and loves spending time with both the sheep and chickens. The two older dogs are just about retired now (Flash doesn't help out any more, and Pip does a little work if it's not too strenuous).

JUNE 2014
It's been a very busy few months on the farm. The sheep are all now sheared, with Richard and Sue completing the job over a few evenings and weekends (thankfully it didn't end up with Richard in hospital like last June!).
New season lamb is now available in the shop (as individual joints/chops, or whole/half lambs). We've sold a few through the livestock market in recent weeks, obtaining some of the highest prices sold for. Lambs will soon be weaned from the ewes, and we're already starting to think of numbers for next years lambing.  Please give us a call if you'd like to order any new season lamb...you won't be disappointed!

Another busy job has been growing potatoes; our new season potatoes are now ready to buy in the farm shop, and are just as delicious as cold salad potatoes as they are hot with your Sunday lunch. These are dug daily for the shop, to ensure they are as fresh as can be.

Misty has now started to take an interest in sheep, as she's spent a lot of time around the handling pen whilst shearing's been taking place. She still seems to be more interested in stalking chickens and pigs, but she's still only 10 months old so there's plenty of time to get her trained up just yet.

The countdown to lambing is on!
Thankfully Christmas went well, and we had the turkeys plucked in record time. It was as busy as ever for us and although we're quite glad it's over, we do also miss the sound of the turkeys gobbling every time we approach the ploytunnels! Speaking of which, we had a bit of a disaster pre-Christmas when the wind ripped the plastic off one of the polytunnels (luckily not the one with the turkeys in!). So a couple of less-windy days were spent putting on a new sheet, which the sheep are now enjoying. It's amazing how cosy it is inside the polytunnels.
The sheep are all inside the polytunnels now, ready for lambing. This is an important time to ensure their nutritional needs are adequately met, and for that reason we've separated the ewes into those having singles, twins or triplets so that we can feed them accordingly. Lambing starts around Valentines Day, so there's not long to go now.
Our new sheepdog Misty is still growing and is quite bonkers! She's already learning to sit and stay, and does a great job at helping to put the hens to bed every night. She's not too bothered about sheep at the moment, but we wouldn't expect her to gain an interest in them just yet. I think we all forgot how much energy a pup has, but so long as she gets a couple of long walks around the fields in the mornings she soon settles down once back in her bed. Poor Pip (one of our older sheepdogs) is having to put up with Misty clinging on to her all the time, but she doesn't seem to mind too much...she seems to think that Misty is her puppy, so everyone's a winner.

We're getting ready for winter now, as the weather turns cold and the evenings draw in. The pigs and chickens have all been given extra straw to keep them warm, and one sow is due to farrow in the next week or two, so a pen is being made inside the polytunnel for her and she'll be moving into her "birthing suite" in the next few days!
All of the sheep have now been tupped, so it'll soon be time to book the scanner to come and give us news of how many lambs each ewe is expecting. This is usually done the week after Christmas, and we'll mark each ewe with a different coloured spot on her side to tell us how many lambs she is due to have. Scanning also signals the move of bringing the ewes into the polytunnels, so Richard will soon be filling them with straw and pens so that we're ready to being the sheep in as soon as it gets cold.
The turkeys are all growing well, and it doesn't seem like it'll be long before we start our Christmas preparations. Over the next few weeks Richard will monitor the growth of the birds so that he can feed them accordingly; if they are a bit on the light size they will be fed more, and if they're becoming too large then we'll restrict them slightly so they're not too big (unless everyone wants extra large birds which won't fit in their ovens?!). Please call us ASAP if you would like to order your free range Bronze turkey, bacon, sausages, etc. The order book is filling up, so don't delay else you may be disappointed!
Our big news right now, though, is the arrival of our new sheepdog pup! We bought Misty from Co Durham in early November, and she's certainly a bright little thing! We're hoping she soon grows out of the chewing stage (Richard is already short of a slipper and a few bits of paperwork!) but she's fitting in so well. Her latest tricks are stalking chickens and catching worms!