Here at Field Farm, we participate in the Entry Level Stewardship scheme. The aim of this is to promote nature conservation and to protect biodiversity.

We conserve and enhance the landscape with the aid of this agri-environmental scheme.

Entry Level options used on the farm include:

  • Hedgerow management, whereby hedgerows consist of native shrubs which are not cut during the bird-breeding season.
  • 2, 4 and 6m buffer strips (see photos) which provides habitat for insects and small mammals. We sow wild seed mixes in some of these strips to provide feed for birds.
  • Pollen and nectar flower mixtures which are sown in strips around the farm to benefit a range of wildlife.
  • Permanent grassland with low inputs of fertilisers and no sprays. We do not plough or cultivate the permanent pastures, but instead manage by grazing with sheep.


We also support a range of wild birds on the farm, including little owls, barn owls, yellowhammers, grey partridges, pheasants and skylarks. Every year we look forward to the arrival of the swallows, who nest in the sheds around the farmyard; last year we had 10 breeding pairs, so hopefully next season will be just as popular!