We have a flock of 120 breeding ewes to produce free range lamb for the shop.

The rams are Suffolks and Charollais, which are put to Suffolk x Charollais ewes, and also to North Country Mules. These mules are cross-bred sheep; Swaledale ewes, sired by a Bluefaced Leicester ram.

Every September we put the rams to the ewes, before scanning in the days just after Christmas to see how many lambs we're expecting.


 During the second week of December (or slightly earlier if the weather is poor) we bring the sheep in to the polytunnels to prepare them for lambing. This enables us to split the flock into groups, depending on how many lambs they're having; singles, twins, triplets or quads. We can then feed each group slightly differently to ensure the ewes are receiving just the right amount of feed and nutrients for them to give birth to healthy lambs.



The ewes lamb inside the polytunnels between February and March. After lambing, each ewe is penned up with her lambs to allow them to bond, and to ensure that each lamb receives its first colostrum (which is imperative to provide the lamb with immunity against infection). After a day or two they are then let out into 'nursery pens' with other ewes and lambs, to give the lambs the opportunity to exercise and play with their new flock-mates.

So long as it is warm enough, the ewes and lambs are then turned out into the grass fields a few days later. The reason why lambing occurs at this time of the year is because there is plenty of grass growing to support the ewes whilst they are providing milk for the lambs.



If you drive down to the farm shop from March onwards you will see lambs skipping around the fields, racing along the fence, whilst the ewes graze contently on clover-rich grass.



Our free-range lamb is available to buy in the farm shop; as with our pork, you can order lamb by a whole or half carcass, or by individual chops and joints. The lamb is hung in the cold store for a week to mature prior to butchering. This helps to creates the mature flavour that our customers love.