Bronze Turkeys


We get our turkeys in as chicks, and they go straight into a straw-bedded polytunnel. They have continuous access to fresh water and enjoy an ad-lib natural diet. Once settled in, the turkeys are allowed to roam freely on clover-rich pastures. This gives the turkey its succulent natural flavour.

Customers to the farm shop are regularly entertained by the beautiful display of their bronze-coloured plumage.

All birds are prepared on the farm; we hand-pluck the birds and no unnecessary stress is put on them through handling or travelling. The birds are hung in our on-farm cold store for 10-12 days prior to being dressed out (which is also carried out by Sue and Richard on the farm).

Please note that when ordering turkeys for Christmas, sizes are approximate; we sell every bird on the farm and, as such, we cannot grow them all precisely to size!

Our turkeys have also experienced fame by featuring on the BBC's Countryfile in 2009; Matt Baker and the television crew came to the farm for a couple of days to film Richard with his turkeys, and to decide whether turkey or goose rules the roost on Christmas day.






Our laying hens are Black Rocks; hybrid hens which lay beautiful brown eggs with delicious golden yolks. These hens have thick black feathers with chestnut-colouring around the neck, and their feathers help to protect the hens from the elements. They are very productive birds, laying 230-280 eggs per year; this varies depending on the individual bird and also on the weather; hens don't like laying eggs when it's cold and dark, so the laying is reduced during the winter months. Our hens roam free on clover-rich grassland, eating whatever bugs they can find in addition to their natural GM-free diet. During summer you will often see them sitting in dust baths, which they make themselves to help keep their feathers in tip-top condition.


Table birds

Our free-range table birds are fed on a GM-free diet whilst they graze on grass.  These birds are a minimum of 12 weeks old before they are fully grown, as opposed to the chickens you can buy in supermarkets which are just over 5 weeks old by the time they arrive on your dinner plate. All poultry are prepared for your table on-site, so from the day of arrival on the farm to the day they are purchased in the shop they will not have left the farm.