We grow a selection of our own vegetables here at Field Farm. Sue sets the brassica seeds in the greenhouse, before planting out in the field by hand. We use no sprays on the brassicas; to avoid pest and weather damage we grow the vegetables under fleeces in the fields, and harvest them daily to ensure freshness.

In addition to the vegetables grown here on the farm, we also source some from local organic farms.

Vegetables available from the farm shop vary depending on seasonality, and include carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, parsnips, leeks, curly kale, potatoes, calabrese, brussels sprouts and onions.





Our speciality crops are potatoes, which are grown on land previously grazed by sheep and pigs to provide fertility and flavour. Unlike much of the commercially-grown UK crop, we do not irrigate our potatoes; we prefer to let mother nature do the work for us, and so our potatoes are full of flavour and do not go to mush when they are cooked.

We use organic Scottish certified seed potatoes, which are planted using a 2-furrow potato planter during spring. The earlies are ready in late July, whilst the main crop is harvested in October.

Varities grown on the farm are:

  • Orla - Second-early potatoes with white skins and yellow flesh. Ideal for mashing, boiling, roasting, chipping and baking. These are the most popular potato we grow.
  • Valor - Another main crop potato, valor is white-skinned and has a floury texture when cooked. It has excellent storage attributes, which allows it to be stored for use through to summer.